Polytox is a series of Techno- and Hardtechno-Events, which was created in the beginning of the year 2016. It reached a state of cult very fast. Chris Roox is the Creative Director, Alexander Staufenbiel took over the administrative part.

The first three events were held at the Ludwigshafen Prive Music Club. Hereby, special recognition was granted to the Polytox 3.0 FREAKZONE featuring Viper XXL on March 3, 2016. Even a month before, Polytox 2.0 The Fight Night had brought together surprisingly mixed couples of DJs challenging each other.

After the closing of the Prive Music Club was sealed, Polytox had two highly regarded shows „abroad“, namely „Overdose“ at the e-feld, Cologne. And after the summer break had been bridged by a couple of events in Worms, on September 3, 2016, a real highlight took place in the famous „Mikroport“ in Krefeld, presenting headliners such as Spartaque and Sutura.

On October 21, 2016, Steve Shaden, the new Resident of the Polytox Events- and Booking Agency premiered on the party at the Homebase Club, Ludwigshafen.

Further Events with Electronic Music

By the name of „BassBangBoom“, there have been celebrated two partys of Drum and Bass. This series of events will hopefully be continued soon. Then, some smaller Techhouse and Deephouse parties were held. It is undeniable that Polytox Events and Booking Agency already exposed a great variety of musical styles.